This Amazon service will pick up clothes in accordance with user’s taste

Новый сервис Amazon будет подбирать одежду в соответствии со вкусом пользователя

Amazon introduces new service for fashion lovers. Now Prime members will receive a monthly newsletters with curated collections of fashionable clothes.

A service called Personal Shopper will allow Prime subscribers take a short survey about their preferences and fashion trends and then they will be able to receive parcels with clothes appropriate to their needs. It is reported by the Informant Tech, referring to Amazon.

In the survey, users are investigated preferred models of clothes, their size, and budget preferences and styles of clothes that they prefer. This survey is sent directly to a team of stylists for Amazon which then selects products and brands based on the responses of each person.

In each monthly box will be included up to eight garments that the subscriber can view prior to sending. The users of the service will be a 7-day period on the fitting, and then they will determine that they want to keep and pay for these garments. The remaining items that did not fit or do not like, you can re-folded into a box, seal it, and send back. Return shipping is paid for. The cost of the Personal Shopper service is $4.99 per month. But at the moment it is only available for a limited number of users. In fact, use it can only be women who wear clothing sizes 0-24 and XS-XXL/3X and women’s shoes sizes 5-12 (39-46). The version of the service for men is still in the development stage.

This is not the first attempt by Amazon to enter the profitable fashion market. A few months ago the company launched a new tool based on artificial intelligence called StyleSnap that helps shoppers to find clothes to buy.

Earlier it was reported that Amazon will invest $700 million in employee training. In addition, Amazon is working on a new MMO based on “Lord of the rings.”

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