This can even make a movie! – Iryna Bilyk spoke about the relations with former men

Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk in front of his 50-year anniversary repeatedly raises the issue of privacy. The actress came to social events with his former Deputy Dmitry Kolyadenko, provoking rumors about the affair. The other day she explained how her ex-lover.

In the program “Morning with Ukraine” Iryna Bilyk said that a little embarrassed at the memory of the former men, but willing to answer questions of interest to her fans. In particular, the actress confessed that after her marriage to Aslam by ahmedovym can safely call themselves a faithful wife, even flirting with strangers, she now does not allow it.

Novels, of course, right! Although I am a married woman, but when you’re in Kiev, sometimes you think: “Why am I not so? Once I was acquainted with the waiters, could flirt with the leading and now the other home-work. Want, but education does not, or no time,
– shared Irina Bilyk.

He remembered the artist and the situation with incendiary Dmitry Kolyadenko, who, during their joint friends and guests shared memories about the affair with her. Iryna Bilyk decided not to go into all the details, but intrigued concise story.

“I love to talk about what happened. We recently vacationed with a big company, and Dima Kolyadenko somehow on the beach began to tell how I was when we lived together. So I then said, “Dima, one more word and you just don’t go to this beach.” He said such things that I have felt ashamed. But somewhere in my heart I was very worried, because, of course, so much has been wonderful and you can remember anything. This can even make a movie!” she said.

In addition, Iryna Bilyk has announced their tour to mark the anniversary and admitted that all her ex-husbands will come to the party. Apparently, after a divorce, the artist was able to maintain friendly relations with each of them, because to join the celebration of the anniversary of the singer. Will not pass a special performance, and current choice of a pop star photographer, Aslan Akhmadov.

“April 6 is my anniversary solo concert, and I will be 50 years old! By the way, this is a very good gig, because no one can understand what it feels like I’m 50, and I still jump, so funny. So will be in the hall and Dikusar and Kolyadenko and Nikitin, and my husband Aslan Ahmadov – it is at this time, the Director of the program. All places of honor for those who loves me – I don’t say the word “loved”, – said Irina Bilyk.