This drink will help to protect against the development of colon cancer

Этот напиток поможет защитить от развития рака кишечника

The examination carried out by experts of the Russian Union of juice producers, together with researchers from the Center for food and biotechnology showed that not only are freshly squeezed juices can be very helpful. Reports citing Russian media, the experts found that tomato juice industrial production is one of the most useful. The fact that in tomato the juices of industrial production contains a lot more useful nutrients than fresh tomatoes and fresh tomato juice.

Scientists stressed that the impact of these nutrients on the human body is one of the most positive. “To get the product, pushes old age and successfully fighting tumor processes enough to walk to the nearest grocery store and buy a pack of tomato juice,” said the experts. They said that he had received 10 samples of tomato juice, 19 samples of fresh tomatoes and 70 samples recovered tomato juice. It turned out that the recovered tomato juice is the greatest health benefits.

This drink contains a record amount of pectin – a dietary fiber, which are the prevention of cancers of the intestine. In industrial one glass of tomato juice contains 8% of daily need in dietary fibers and 12% of the daily human needs in the pectin.