“This humiliation of my country”: the Ukrainian Ambassador responded harshly, “the Kremlin” the ex-Chancellor of Germany

"Это унижение моей Родины": посол Украины жестко ответил "кремлевскому" экс-канцлеру Германии

Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Andrew Miller commented on the statements of the ex-Chancellor, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Rosneft” Gerhard Schroeder, the Ukrainian diplomat called “a midget from the Ukraine” because of a bet which he suggested that German policy.

So, in the comment “Crimea.Realities”, the Ambassador noted that no creative x-Chancellor will not help him to whiten their image, and “his name will forever remain in world history as a synonym for cynical lobbyist for the Kremlin, which despite its attempts has failed.”

Miller also notes that Schroeder “with a last effort aims to keep a good mine at bad game”.

“However, the feeling of nervousness and inability to hide my irritation. Because instead of German society provide an honest answer to the question about the dependence of his position from the Gazprom-rosefinch fees, he loses his temper, goes to the person, resorting to dubious lexicon. In German language the word “Zwerg” (which Schroeder called the Miller – ed.) has several meanings. Why is a little hard to believe that in the podcast mentioned it was “a small creature in human form that appear in fairy tales and sagas and mostly ready to help” (Duden Dictionary),” – said the Ambassador.

Miller also drew attention to the fact that, from the tone and context, it is obvious that “dwarf” meant, and “this expression, according to the explanatory dictionary has a discriminatory connotation, directly alluding to the inferiority”.

“Talking about the scornful attitude to face the Ambassador. We are talking about the daring humiliation of Ukraine and Ukrainians. And when such a phrase in the address of my homeland and fellow citizens come from German lips, and especially a former top policy, such comparison is not something innocuous or frivolous. They have a very, very bad taste. Moreover, they are extremely dangerous because inadvertently revive the evil spirits of intolerance and hatred”, – said the Ambassador.