This is a complete W*PA – the judge of the national selection Evgeny Filatov on Eurovision

Это – полная ж*па, – судья Нацотбора Евгений Филатов о Евровидение

One of the judges of the national selection of Eurovision-2019 Eugene Filatov again loudly spoke about the song contest. Also a member of the group The Maneken commented on the discussion of their performances in Russia in 2016.

Ukrainian musician and composer could not resist commenting on the scandal that erupted around the national selection Eurovision-2019. Appeal to the fans, which also responded to the discussion of his speeches in Russia in 2016, he has published on his page in Facebook.

In recent days I have received dozens of calls and emails requesting comment on, but agree that everything has already been said. In his assessment, as the honesty of the voting public, I’m absolutely sure, and all that is happening now in the context of the contest, sorry for the tautology of ideas, but it’s a total W*PA
– I wrote to Evgeny Filatov.

He also added that the discussions on some sites the the band The Maneken in Krasnodar in 2016 are inappropriate. The actor explained why he thinks so.

Yes, it was and we didn’t hide it. In this vein, I would like to remind our group was established in 2007, and it includes musicians from Russia and Ukraine. Three years ago we completely abandoned the tour activities on the territory of the Russian Federation,
– says the soloist of group The Maneken.

It is worth Recalling that during the final national selection of Eurovision-2019 Eugene Filatov treated with the same phrase to a group of ANNA MARIA. After assessing their performances in the final, he commented on the scandalous interview of the girls, they were given the Novel Scripio. During a conversation with the journalist, the singer refused to answer the question, whose Crimea and did not answer the question about parents who live and work within the occupied city.