This is in any gate: and the priests staged a strong batch right in the Church (video)

Это уже ни в какие ворота: священники устроили мощный замес прямо в церкви (видео)

In Odessa, the priests came to blows in the temple.

Apparently, the cause of the conflict was the fact that priests are unable to divide authority in the Church, reports the portal Westie. The participants of the fight began to current and former Abbot. Most likely the former head of the temple did not like the new appointment.

The priests had long been in conflict. The fact that the fight happened in front of a congregation., who were puzzled and witnesses tried to separate the two priests. Note that the footage shows that the temple was a fight not only between priests, but also between two women.

“Mummers! Someone is now doubt that this is a business? Not small and not a medium!”; “Another punched the bottom”; “Orthodox UFC”; “am I the only one seeing this? All talking about what the priests are fighting, if a fight the two women started a I niece of the priests of their separate?”; “Now San in ptsu will give whoever the opponent’s nose clean. Beat the opponent, so with him God,” commentators write video.

The wound of the portal Wall reported that in the main Cathedral ptsu inadequate broke icon. The celebration of the congregation of the Church was stopped by accident. In St Michael’s Cathedral has gone unknown and broke icon. The man called the Iconoclast, and also report a possible mystical punishment for such an event. Someone just thinks the man is crazy. St Michael’s Cathedral in Kiev is the restored ancient Church of the 12th century. It is likely that the corrupted icon is a valuable artifact.

Это уже ни в какие ворота: священники устроили мощный замес прямо в церкви (видео)