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Traditional medicine of South Asia (Ayurveda) recommends that you Wake up in the “Brahma muhurta” – the time before dawn, that is 1.5 hours before sunrise – in Ayurveda this time is considered optimal for awakening.

If you went to bed on time, Wake up will feel the courage, strength and good mood, reports Ukrhealth.

According to Ayurveda, the best time to lift is “Brahma muhurta” or before sunrise. The doctrine notes that for the body early rise is the best.

For such an awakening, you must set the clock exactly 1 hour 36 minutes before sunrise (this is called “Brahma muhurta”). When you get up in the early East, you synchronize your energy level with the sun. In addition, this is the ideal time for meditation.

If you Wake up after 6, you get into the phase of “Kapha” — a period of inactivity and slowness. It adjusts the body to slow down.

In addition, an early start has its advantages. It gives a feeling of control over the situation, increases energy, improves mood


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