“This Is Kiev Rus!” Peskov touched the trolling Tsimbalyuk on the Pechenegs and Putin

''Это Киевская Русь!'' Пескова задел троллинг Цимбалюка о печенегах и Путине

Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk funny potrollit press Secretary of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin’s words about “victory” in his country over the Polovtsy and Pechenegs.

During a call, Dmitry Peskov Tsymbalyuk hinted that the battle with these tribes took place on the territory of modern Ukraine, as Russia then was not at all. A recording of the conversation published a Telegram, the Kremlin-channel Pool “N3” (to see the video, dockrillia the page to the end).

“If you’ll allow me to Polovtsy back: how valid are such comparisons, given that the Cumans, and Pechenegs tormented territory, which now belongs to Ukraine? It concerns the city of Kiev, Chernigov. In the context of our current bilateral relations should this be interpreted as territorial claims? Or is it for effect after all has been said?” asked by a Ukrainian journalist at the speaker, President of the aggressor country.

This predictable Peskov said Putin’s favorite myth about the “millennial” history of Russia in the Kievan Rus.

“Do not forget that the land that is now Ukraine, after all, has historically been the Kievan Rus. Indeed, the Pechenegs tormented Kievan Rus, tortured Slavic tribes who lived to the East. And not only the Kievan Rus, and Byzantium headache delivered. Therefore, the Kievan Rus, you are not going anywhere, you of our history will not strike,” – said the press Secretary of the President of Russia, once again appropriating someone else’s story.

  • during his address to the Russians on 8 April, Putin said that Russia will cope with the “coronavirus infection” as well as once coped with the Pechenegs and Polovtsy.
  • In network to these words responded with a lot of photojob, because in the time of the Polovtsy and Pechenegs Russia still did not exist.