“This is not Texas”: su-27, said the American F-15 that went too far from home

«Это вам не Техас»: Су-27 напомнил американскому F-15, что тот забрался слишком далеко от дома

Yesterday, the growing popularity of Telegram channel @fighter_bomber, specializing in army aviation, posted a video on the su-27 videoconferencing a dangerous distraction drives us F-15C from the Russian government plane.

Despite the fact that the depicted events took place in the year 2017, the video immediately became one of the most discussed topics in the Russian Internet. Most of bloggers and the media spoke about the incident in a positive or neutral tones, but there were those who tried to blame the pilot of the su-27 being unprofessional and unnecessarily dangerous maneuver.

However, if you look at what happened objectively, it becomes clear that VKS made fighter maneuver was entirely justified from the point of view of protection of the image of the country. When a foreign military plane crashes a few meters from the portholes of the liner with senior politicians of another country is at least a sign of disrespect, bordering on outright act of aggression.

F-15C, which was already identified foreign availabitily proved to belong to the so-called Grim Reapers – “the Merciless reapers” or 493 th fighter squadron of the U.S. air force, stationed at Lakenheath air base in England.

As is known, official Washington is insisting Russia protests in the cases of “dangerous intercept” of us military aircraft by videoconferencing. Only here there are all these interceptions near the territory of the Russian Federation. Here and captured on video the incident happened, according to reports, in Europe. Far from the American coast, agree?

I hope that the incident will help our overseas partners to understand that it is time to stop and consider the entire globe back yard of his Texas ranch. Until it was too late.