“This Is Russia!” The Director is a friend of Putin decided to “assign” half of Ukraine

''Это Россия!'' Режиссер-друг Путина решил ''присвоить'' половину Украины

The scandalous film Director Karen Shakhnazarov, who is an ardent fan of Russian President Vladimir Putin, blatantly stated that he believes half of Ukraine’s native Russian territories.

Propaganda thesis aims to support the occupation of the rhetoric of the Kremlin, he announced on air of the program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” on TV channel “Russia 1” (to see the video, dockrillia the page to the end).

His speech Shakhnazarov started with false allegations that the Western and Eastern regions of Ukraine allegedly have nothing in common, and therefore should be separated.

“In my opinion, it’s incompatible – the West and the East of Ukraine unconnected. Nothing can be done under any circumstances. Well, it is impossible to connect those who fought against Nazism, people, the roots of which have connections with people who were somehow on the other side,” he said inadequate the concept of “Russian world”.

After that, he moved on to dreams of what the country should go to those or other regions of the sovereign Ukrainian state.

“Western Ukraine is, in principle, do Austria-Hungary, is Europe, is another. East of Ukraine – in principle, Russia is Eurasia, it’s very different roots! Well, this can’t be done! The Czech Republic and Slovakia are much closer in language and culture. But they peacefully quietly dispersed and normally coexist today. This is the only way. You can curse, but in another way does not work. It is impossible to connect,” continued he persistently repeat a propaganda cliché about the need to destroy a United and indivisible Ukraine.

  • on the Kremlin website appeared a decree on the establishment of the working group on amendment of the Russian Constitution, which are necessary for the unlimited power of Putin after his presidential term.
  • This group will include, among other ex-terrorist “DNR” Zakhar Prilepin and Director Karen Shakhnazarov.