“This is some devil”: Pugachev told why a man does not drink

«Это какой-то дьявол»: Пугачева рассказала, почему Киркоров не пьет

Diva three times I saw Kirkorov drunk, and it was a disaster.

Country full swing preparing for the coming anniversary the main singer of the country, women, without which it is impossible to imagine Russia in the last third of the twentieth century.

17 APR Alla Pugacheva 70 years. In the last few days that are left until this date, the media vying to publish interviews and archival stories from her life.

It’s certainly not a Grand advertising campaign in 1996, when Leonid Parfenov every day told me that “before the birth of Alexander Pushkin stayed so many days”, but still a big deal: seventy years the Diva has not yet been performed.

At the time, Pugacheva, answering a question in an interview, said that is not interested in Philip Kirkorov and no plans to associate with him his life – but less than two years, when she unexpectedly for the audience came for Philip to marry, and even married him.

Marriage, however, was not smooth and harmonious, and a few years later Kirkorov and Pugacheva divorced: they had very different goals in life. Alla was already a big star, but Philip still had to prove that he is worth something on the pop scene. Kirkorov and ambitions were high.

Uznayvse.ru recalls that the man spoke in an interview about pregnancy Pugacheva and her miscarriage. According to him, he didn’t know how much Alla wants a child, and was not ready for the responsibility.

In addition, Donna said that within their family life was forbidden Kirkorov to drink: according to her, Philip in alcoholic intoxication, behaved absolutely inappropriately.

Three times I saw him drunk. It’s a disaster. It’s all falling apart. It something, – said the star. – Such action goes, krupnomasshtabnogo. Throw out some money, stuffed the muzzle. You know, it’s kind of scary. This positive boy gets some devil

Marriage with Kirkorov has never been stable, but after Alla met with Maxim Galkin, the Union was doomed. In an interview Pugacheva told me that he felt Galkin something rather surprising.