This is unacceptable: the expert on etiquette spoke about the jacket Poroshenko

Это недопустимо: эксперт по этикету высказалась о пиджаке Порошенко

Albina Dolgova, a renowned expert on etiquette and Protocol, commented on a photo of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, where the head of state the jacket was tucked into her pants.

As reported citing Federal news Agency, the expert said that for a politician of the highest rank, such appearance is unacceptable. Jelgava also noted that this view is unacceptable, not only for politicians but also for business people who are involved in important events. “”I saw this picture, like many Internet users, because the removal of the picture from the website of the President of Ukraine does not mean that it will disappear from wherever it has been replicated, especially from social networks,” – said the expert.

According to her, she often participates in training sessions on dress code, and are renowned experts always show pictures of the Ukrainian President – as an example of what you don’t show up at events. Jelgava added that Poroshenko regularly violates the rules of etiquette.