This product reduces stress and slows down aging

Этот продукт снижает уровень стресса и замедляет старение

A number of studies have shown that consuming buckwheat may extend the duration of life and relieve the person from stress by increasing the level of SIRT1 protein in the body, according to the portal WWW.PLANETANOVOSTI.COM with reference to the Journal of Cereal Science.

The findings of scientists are based on the results of experiments on rats who had a different diet. Those rodents that have been stimulated production of protein SIRT1, lived much longer than the others.

The protein SIRT1 belongs to the family of sirtuins – substances involved in the formation of fat cells and glucose metabolism. The increase in the concentration of protein in the body is possible through restriction of food intake, however, the option of fasting is not for everyone. A much more gentle way of increasing the concentration of the substance in the body – the use of buckwheat.

Buckwheat helped the rats to significantly improve physical performance without strict diet and weight loss. During the research, the scientists identified three groups of rats with different amount of buckwheat in the diet: up to 30% of the total amount of food.

The threat was starvation: it has not led to an increase in the concentration of protein in the blood. On the contrary, in some organs, the level of SIRT1 decreased to 95%, for example, in the stomach. In the blood dropped by 19% and in liver – 35%.

Interestingly, rats with the greatest amount of buckwheat had gained weight, whereas the middle group with a moderate content of buckwheat in the diet apparently changed.

Thus, people should add to your diet buckwheat to survive longer and to reduce the level of stress provoked by external factors.