This should be in the trunk: 9 things for a long journey

Это должно быть в багажнике: 9 вещей для дальней дороги

The drivers of the old school caddies with them and impressive kit to repair the car and most running parts, and a full range of technical liquids. But this, of course, brute force. In popular destinations mass of garages and shops with spare parts. Why bring extra? Will tell you about is what to bring do you need (except personal items, compressor for tyres and a standard tool set for changing wheels).

Emergency kit

He is also driving recruitment. It can be viewed as a whole, as a single unit or in parts. It includes a warning triangle, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, tow rope, jump leads (the wires for the “booster”). What it includes:

First aid kit

There are certain requirements to automobile first-aid kit. It is regulated by the composition of today is very modest. It must be: bandage, tourniquet, scissors, rubber gloves, and wipes. But nothing prevents you to create a really useful kit. Full list of medicines that may be needed in the long road, you will find here.

A fire extinguisher

The car burns completely in 5-10 minutes, and the fire may cause a lot of reasons. So the fire extinguisher in the car – not a whim of cops, but a necessity. If you do not will need, you may need someone on the road. Due to the fact that the owners save space in the car, they buy the smallest fire extinguishers, for fire suppression should a dozen. Be reasonable and buy a fire extinguisher respectable, consult the store of fire-fighting equipment. For a start, check out our review.

Tow rope

Don’t think cables are required only to owners of SUVs, to pull the machine out of the swamp. First, they are not cables, and slings rynkovyi. And secondly, any machine may require towing. To quickly find a tow truck for sane money even in the popular field is the problem. And is it necessary if you, for example, simply ran out of fuel and need to get to the nearest filling station? Buy a sturdy rope with robust hinges and put in the trunk. He, too, may need others, if not useful to you.

Jump leads

The people are often called wires for the “booster”. Do you remember when you changed the battery? And can vouch for its condition? Jump leads is to put into the machine, even if both times you replied in the affirmative. Not useful to you will help less fortunate colleagues. Our experts have tested products from different manufacturers.


Alas, even experienced drivers sometimes fall into the trap of “obsuga” on the road. Newcomers – even more so. Lying or refused the fuel gauge, not compared the fuel consumption with distance to the nearest gas station and here is the result: the engine stalled, you don’t know where to go.

But enough to take a long road with a Jerry can of fuel. Can small for 10 gallons. This supply is probably enough to make it to the nearest gas station. And the compactness will enable you to save some space in the trunk. Choosing the canister, make sure it is sealing. The model, combined with the filling heads, it is safer without them. In this case you should buy a funnel. But of course work on habits and do not pull with dressing until recently.


Mandatory on a long journey. To drink, to wash hands, fill the windshield washer fluid reservoir or surge tank (if dropped the coolant level). In the summer the water is to hide away from the sun (in the trunk) in the winter to keep the warm cabin. And update as often as possible. Water in plastic containers (and the other options you probably will not) go bad from long term storage.

Engine oil

Unfortunately, a lot of modern engines suffer the so-called makarora. Even for serviceable engines manufacturers allow oil flow in the amount of from 0.4 to 1.2 l per 1000 km. You need to know about this feature of your machine. As well as the engine oil of different types must not be mixed for a journey should take at least a litre can of the same oil, which flooded the engine.

Kit tubeless tire repair

This set should be in every car. Most punctures “cured” quickly and with minimal effort, and will handle even a beginner. Important to carefully read the instructions and do exactly what is said.


If the car has some electrical problems, the first thing you need to watch the state of the fuse and change burned healthy. Therefore, a set of fuses included in the scope of things that should be in every car.