This year volumes of supplies of hard drives for PC can be reduced by 50 %

В этом году объемы поставок жестких дисков для ПК могут сократиться на 50 %

The Japanese manufacturer of motors for hard drives, Nidec has published an interesting forecast that the decline in the popularity of hard drives in the segment of PCs and laptops in the coming years to strengthen. This year, in particular, the demand may decrease from 48 %.

Hard disk manufacturers this trend felt for a long time, but because I try to hide not very pleasant for investors momentum in its quarterly reports. Seagate, in particular, not only indicates the amount released during the reporting period, the hard drives, but includes revenue from sales of hard drives for desktops and laptops. Now business hard drive manufacturers are increasingly dependent on the high capacity drives used in server systems and data centers. In the quarterly reports have long highlighted the gross capacity is released hard drives.

According to the forecasts of the WDC, solid state drives began to prevail over the hard drive in the notebook segment last year, and by 2023 the proportion will increase to 90 %. Anticipating such developments, a Western Digital a few years ago was swallowed by SanDisk, a major manufacturer of solid state memory, and the proportion of revenue from sales of the product concerned in the revenue structure of WDC is growing. Unless, of course, this does not prevent the fall in memory prices, which occasionally happens.

Products Nidec helps to rotate the spindles about 85 % of the world’s hard drives, so the Japanese manufacturer of electric motors has an idea about what is happening in the industry. Last year, Nidec managed to produce 124 million motors for hard disk drives used in personal computers, this year the number could be reduced to 65 million units. In 2020 calendar year the number of produced motors can be reduced to 46 million units.

This trend contributes not only to the rejection of the use of hard drives in laptops, where they are systematically replacing the SSD, but in and of itself decrease the speed of the computer market. Expansion of smartphones and other always connected devices to network resources facilitated the transfer of much of the information in the cloud, and the best by the unit value storage unit of information storage are still traditional hard drives.

In the computer segment is growing demand on pay and performance system, but they solid state drives managed to win a stable share. Hard drives still need enthusiasts personal computers, but in the total market, these systems account for a few percent, but because globally the weather is not.

In the second quarter of this year, according to forecasts Nidec, sales of computers will grow from 73 million to 81 million units, but then they will steadily decline. Accordingly, less required and motors for hard disk drives. Nidec intends to strengthen its position in the segment of electric motors for motor vehicles – in addition to the traction motors, it requires huge number of small motors for servo drives. A growing segment of robotics where precision motors are always in demand.

В этом году объемы поставок жестких дисков для ПК могут сократиться на 50 %

В этом году объемы поставок жестких дисков для ПК могут сократиться на 50 %