Thousands of troubled enterprises in Ukraine aren’t profitable

Тысячи проблемных предприятий в Украине не приносят прибыли

In Ukraine there are almost 3.5 thousand state-owned enterprises

In Ukraine there are many companies that are in poor condition and require huge investments. About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to the article of “24 channel”.

In particular, according to the authors of the study, in Ukraine there are almost 3.5 thousand state enterprises, and the entire European Union (28 countries) – they are less than 400.

The majority of these 3.5 thousand, no matter where they are, and which are in a derelict state. They lose their liquidity, appeal, used only for corruption schemes.

Besides state enterprises, many distressed companies-ballasts is in the private sector that can accrue to investors, including international ones.

As the authors of material with a similar problem faced the company “Metinvest”, which the Antimonopoly Committee only after five years of consideration of the case gave permission for the purchase of the Dniprodzerzhinsk coke chemical plant. This is probably the longest case of the decision of the AMC in the history of Ukraine, reported in the material.

As a result, the investor receives the asset with a fairly worn-out batteries (coke oven batteries), and investments needed by the plant, have today misty payback period. Over the last five years investment in plant restricted to the minimum cost of repairs to maintain production process and other needs, including ecological, financed by a residual principle.

“The question is: why would he (the investor) the venture, which will have to invest an amount in the millions of dollars to bring production processes to the modern,” commented political analyst Andrei Wigierski.

However, even after a long wait and all restrictions “Metinvest” has not been abandoned and should perform the mission to save the asset.

There are also lots of low liquidity of agricultural enterprises, said the President of Ukrainian agrarian Confederation Leonid Kozachenko.

“Among the problem of agricultural enterprises, pastry shops, shop on manufacture of beer, plants for the production of wine and champagne, wine, vodka and vodka products, hog farms, dairy farms, enterprises that produce flour, processed vegetables and fruits. A lot of them. Those that have yet to report, give a balance of annual – about five hundred. Nearly five hundred – are being liquidated”, – stated in the material.