Three explosions per hour: under Cneu again detonate ammunition – 24 Channel

Три вибухи за годину: під Ічнею знову детонують боєприпаси - 24 Канал

Ritualnie said that under Cneu again heard explosions. So, one hour and observed the detonation of ammunition – up to three explosions.

About it reports a press About it-service gschs.

In the period from 13 to 14 hours on 13 October in the Arsenal ammunition storage was observed the detonation of ammunition to 3 explosions,
– stated in the message.

We will add that earlier the rescuers assured that in the morning of October 13 explosions on an Arsenal near Ichnya was not.

Now on a scene works the headquarters for elimination of consequences of emergency situations and operational group DSNs.

We will remind, on Friday at the technical site of the 6th Arsenal near the town of Ichnya, Chernihiv, increased the intensity of the explosions and the increased number of new foci of decay of grass and trees for the wind. Subsequently, the Ministry of defense has announced the reduction of the intensity of the explosions.

Watch video about explosions in military warehouses near Ichnya October 9:

Три вибухи за годину: під Ічнею знову детонують боєприпаси - 24 Канал
The explosions at military depots in Ukraine: infographics

What happened at military depots under Knew?About 4 nights October 9 at 6-m the Arsenal of the defense Ministry near the city Ichnia in Chernihiv region, caught fire and began to explode ammunition. In the 30-kilometer zone over Cneu closed the airspace, stopped trains and blocked several roads. For help addressed the medics 63 people, however, fortunately, there is not a victim with physical injuries.

The security Service of Ukraine has stated that they consider the version of a possible explosion at the ammunition depot of Chernigov. The military Prosecutor’s office began to investigate the explosions at the Arsenal near Ichnya as negligence. On 10 October the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak said that for the Arsenal under Knew could lay explosives.



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