Three functions Android 11 that will not appear in all smartphones

Три функции Android 11, которые появятся не во всех смартфонах

Users Android people dependent. Unlike iOS users, they rarely have the choice to install the update or not to install, because often producers prefer not to release them. So at best it could expect is a pair of annual updates. Most, this situation is quite satisfied, and they are willing to put up with the lack of monthly security patches. In the end, what good are they if no innovation they contain, but only fix vulnerabilities that could not see and so. In this sense Android 11 – too little security update. At least for owners of certain smartphones.

At least three features of Android 11 will not be included in the number of required components of the installation image. That is, Google will leave their implementation to the discretion of the producers themselves. It is logical that in this case some of them decide not to engage in their adaptation to their smartphones, which in turn will have a negative impact on the usability and functionality of the operating system. While we can’t exactly talk about what brands refuse from realization of the functions described below, but that will definitely be, no doubt.

Hot swap cards Google Pay

In Android 11 appeared a kind of quick access screen, which is invoked by double pressing the power button. It presents the elements of smart home control, emergency calls and, most importantly, a list of payment instruments for Google Pay, which is due in a couple of clicks to choose a new Bank card directly before the payment. This is undoubtedly a very crowded front-end component, but no less important.

However, Google decided that this screen should be optional innovation and allowed manufacturers to implement it in their firmware. On the one hand, the logic in this. For example, users Samsung is unlikely to need hot access Google Pay, because they already have Samsung Pay initially provided a choice of Bank card before payment. But would not that be a reason to neglect innovation for everyone else?

Notifications in Android 11

Notifications in Android 11, received a landmark upgrade. Google developers, in addition to that introduced in OS mechanism for grouping incoming alerts and raised the alert of the messengers up, gave users the opportunity to respond directly in the notification curtain. This feature is called “dialogue” and focused on higher priority notifications from live users over notifications from applications, which often do not carry any good.

Despite the obvious convenience and consistency of this innovation, Google has decided that it will not be included among the required features of Android 11. Thus, advanced notice can be seen only in their own smartphones Google. But all the other manufacturers will make the decision on necessity of optimization of this mechanism alone, it is obvious, proceeding from the peculiarities of the branded firmware.

The digitization of documents in Android

Perhaps the most underrated Android features 11 is the tool for digitizing documents. In fact, his appearance was waiting a year ago, in Android 10, but then Google has any issues with legality for this function and it decided to defer its implementation to a later date. To launch Android 11 search giant managed to settle all the legal aspects and to achieve the authorities permission to digitize documents. It is a pity that in the end, this opportunity will be able to use not all.

Digitization has become the third feature that Google is not allowed to introduce third-party firmware based on Android 11. We don’t know why. Maybe it’s in the legislative restrictions of some countries, and it is possible that Google just left manufacturers the opportunity to produce their own tools to store digital copies of identification documents. But, whatever it was, it was still a great loss, which will negatively affect the experience of using an updated OS.

Три функции Android 11, которые появятся не во всех смартфонах

Три функции Android 11, которые появятся не во всех смартфонах

Три функции Android 11, которые появятся не во всех смартфонах

Три функции Android 11, которые появятся не во всех смартфонах