Three habits that undermine health more than Smoking

Три привычки, подрывающие здоровье больше, чем курение

This is not a call to smoke and this habit is injurious to health of the body. But I just remember the school years and we have always said that Smoking is harmful to our health. And all know well, the truth is this information protected not all people like smoke, and will smoke.

But nobody said that in addition to this habit, there are still habits that also impact negatively on our health:

Low physical activity

A sedentary lifestyle can be a risk of many health problems: problems with the joints, cardiovascular system, obesity, etc.

The best option, if you allocate 20 to 40 minutes a day of high physical activity (running, gym, football, etc.). I agree that it will not for everyone. But nobody stops you just to walk more on foot – go 1-2 stops early when you go to work and walk. Make evening walks and activity will increase and before bedtime walk.

So you can reduce the risk of various diseases by several tens of percent.

Improper diet

I don’t always understand why parents shove food in children, almost violently. The child ate and don’t want, but the plate still means you need to finish it all. Before so all I remember my grandmother going to cook a whole bunch and just not released from the table until you eat.

And through the number this is a problem both adults and children. And unfortunately, this habit is not one in the diet. Much more dangerous than the wrong diet – fat with low in vitamins food, fast food, harmful drinks, etc.

From this power suffers the digestive system, weakens the immune system, the problems begin with excess weight and other diseases and problems.

Try to eat less of these products: replace pasta with vegetables, sausage – meat – form a habit to eat healthy foods.


In my opinion is one of the most dangerous habits. And it really for many is the habit. People are nervous, worried, freaking out on different habits – who does not work has developed, who have family problems, who have something else.

And from the constant stress, the body begins to falter, starts to hurt, there are other habits (Smoking, alcohol, poor diet), changing the lifestyle, getting poor sleep, etc.

Be quieter, sportier, follow the diet and then will reduce significantly the risk of various diseases that can be caused by stress, poor diet and low activity.