Three hundred fricker, and this is not the limit – fresh gameplay Days Gone

Три сотни фрикеров, и это еще не предел - свежий геймплей Days Gone

At the last gaming Expo PAX South everyone was allowed to play in the demo Days Gonethat in the official Russian translation is called “Life after”. This opportunity was used by the journalist IGN to enlarge ask one of the developers of the game.

In the video lead designer of open world Eric Jensen (Eric Jensen) shows Horde mode, in which the player is faced with three hundred fricker (local zombie) – on assurance of the developer, it is still “relatively small” number. To confront the hordes of monsters, the player must actively use the environment – for example, blow classic red barrels, climbing to hard to reach objects and use various traps.

To use a conventional firearm safely will not turn out – loud gunshots attract large numbers of opponents. The more that fricker is not so stupid: they can bypass the player from the flanks, not only rush in a straight line. But if there is no other way, and squeezed the trigger fails, then come to the aid of the good old “slow-mo”.

Last week Sony presented a special set and a collector’s edition of Days Gone. Also, the shooter is already available for pre-order you will receive a set of improvements to the motorcycle and a crossbow. The game will be released 26 of April only on PlayStation 4 and will cost 4 490 rubles – “thank you” to the increase in ruble prices.