Three members of the family removed the stomachs from fear of cancer

Три члена семьи удалили желудки из страха перед раком

Sofia Ahmed and her brother Tahir Khan and Omar, living in the British town of Walsall, decided to move the operation to remove stomach, as she learned of her predisposition to cancer. About it reports BBC News.

It is noted that family members were surveyed at the Cambridge hospital after their sister and mother died of stomach cancer. Since Sophia and her brothers were also at risk, doctors advised them to undergo a gastrectomy (removal of stomach).

“Everyone thought I was crazy, until we got the test results and found out that I’m truly worried,” said Sophia, who has long insisted that the brethren were tested health.

It is noted that all operations were a success and the young people feel comfortable.

According to the American oncologists, the cancer risk increases with excessive use of sugar. In this regard, the experts recommend to limit consumption of sugar and replace it with honey or fruit. Also, you should note that high fructose corn syrup can be used as an ingredient in many familiar products – jellies, juices, pastries, yogurt, candy and ice cream.