Three of the epidemic attack of Ukrainians: Dr. Komarovsky told how to protect themselves

Сразу три эпидемии атакуют украинцев: доктор Комаровский рассказал, как уберечься

Ukrainian pediatrician and a doctor of the highest category Evgenie Komarovsky warned about an outbreak of measles, diphtheria and influenza.

Yevgen Komarovsky has published a new video on the YouTube channel and warned about that soon, except for measles, the epidemic start two terrible diseases: diphtheria and influenza.

– A year ago, I warned about measles. Society requires corpses. Without the bodies, you are not ready to believe. Now I again want to warn: measles is exercise, it flowers. It will be worse. Measles seem like a sweet berry on the cake, but the cake is diphtheria. It’s not that simple. Measles you once more, and you 80-85% is protective of the body. With diphtheria should be vaccinated three times at least in a row, then again a year later and then every 10 years to be vaccinated, – said Komorowski.

Earlier, a Ukrainian doctor warned about the dangers of influenza, which, first of all, threat the large number of cases. Therefore, the probability of the start of the epidemic.

– That the flu virus is prone to lower respiratory tract. It is this feature of the virus causes the flu and temperature is higher and the overall condition is heavier, and the likelihood of complications is much higher, the doctor explained.

Earlier, Komorowski said that needs to be done to best protect against infection of other family members, if someone fell ill with SARS.

According to him, the action is likely to prevent infection, does not exist, but to reduce the likelihood of disease is quite real.

According to the recommendations of the doctor, the patient in isolation. It is desirable to allocate to the victim a separate room. To conduct with the victim outreach: do you want some water – no need to run to the kitchen and ask, we’ll bring you some; I want to read – tell me what we’ll find and deliver, etc, to limit the spread of infection from the patient.