Three-pointer in the last second of the match put “Portland” in the next round of the playoffs: video

Трехочковый бросок на последней секунде матча вывел "Портленд" в следующий раунд плей-офф: видео

Portland before the home match against “Oklahoma city” was ahead in the series of the playoffs 3:1. But during the game was this close to lose. And all in the match decided the exact distant throw Damien Lillard.

“OK” came forward in the beginning of the meeting. And were ahead for the second quarter. Just before the break, Portland was able to equalize the game to even the score. And if the third quarter was fairly even at the beginning of the fourth quarter Oklahoma had managed to snatch 2:14. The team was ahead by 15 points. But to keep this advantage could not.

Shortly before the end of the match the guests had a lead of two points. But Portland equalized. And in the last seconds of the match with the score 115:115 the leader of the “Portland” Damien Lillard decided on a long shot through Paul George. And he turned out to be accurate. This buzzer-beater not only brought a victory “Portland” in this match, but in the series as a whole.

But that’s not all. Damien Lillard became the first player in the NBA, earned 50 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists and scored 10 three-pointers in the match of the playoffs.

Buzzer-beater of Lillard ranked first in the top 10 moments of the day in the NBA. While in sixth place, too far shot of the player “Portland”. It’s almost identical to what Lillard did in the end of the match.

What a buzzer-beater
Literally – at the buzzer (eng. Buzzer beater). Throw in basketball, committed immediately before the end of the quarter and with the accompanying sound of a siren. In most cases used in reference to a shooting, bringing the team to victory or transforms the game into overtime. But can also mean a throw at the end of a quarter or half of the game. If the player releases the ball from his hands, and the sound of the siren about the end of time occurs in the flight of the ball, accurate shot still counts.