Three products that can boost testosterone after 50 years

Три продукта, которыми можно повысить тестостерон после 50 лет

Here is a list of the usual diet, which will help to keep the testosterone at the right level and feel real macho, even after 50.

1. The onion and garlic. Onion juice will not only help to raise the immunity of the body, but also affects the testosterone production in the testes. Also increases their number. Garlic, in turn, reduces the level of cortisol ( the stress hormone I may say so ) and helps in the treatment of testosterone.

2. Foods high in magnesium, zinc and vitamin D. Here already just need to choose to his liking, I’ll just list what foods than the rich, and in the future when choosing a diet you will be able to balance themselves. High magnesium content have beans, lentils, nuts. The highest rate of zinc from red meat, poultry and the same beans. While vitamin D is found in sardines, herring, tuna, and beef liver.

3. Fruits berries and herbs. Well, a little bit sweet and delicious too. These include avocado, cranberry, Fig and pomegranate. They are all in varying degrees affect sexual activity add attraction or reinforce it. Also there are supplements such as ginger and chili, and about the saffron all is to write a separate article.