Three reasons why auto in the oven doesn’t work

Три причины, почему в авто не работает печка

Experts provided a list of the most common reasons that stops working car fire.

To find the problem, sometimes you have to shake up the system “and from”.

First and foremost, experts advise, it is necessary to check the efficiency of the fan “motor” that propels the warm air mass in the internal space of the car.

His work must be accompanied by a quiet rustle without “wheezing, sobs and cod”. If in all modes, the fan runs smoothly, the problem is most likely under the hood.

You need to check the antifreeze level in the reservoir, since the passenger compartment heating system is inextricably knit with the cooling system.

Another possible cause air tube in the pipe of the cooling system, which will have to drive.

Next thermostat. Because of accumulated dirt and rust its valve loses its mobility, so the antifreeze can go in “small circle”, bypassing the radiator.

As a result, the stove in the process is not involved, and the heat in the cabin is not supplied. One way out – replacing the thermostat and antifreeze. O.