Three sets of reforms can be carried out before the elections. Fishing

Три блока реформ можно провести еще до выборов - нардеп Рыбалка

Even prior to the parliamentary elections is a window of opportunity for the adoption of several important laws, said in an interview with “Espresso” published on may 16, the people’s Deputy from the Radical party, the former head of the banking Committee of the Verkhovna Rada and the leader of the inter-faction Union “Independence and development” Sergey Fishing.

“The pressure on the team of the outgoing Parliament [Ukrainian President Petro] Poroshenko is seriously weakened. All political forces need to show their performance to the voters. Window of opportunity for the adoption of several important laws,” – said the MP.

He gave me three packages of reforms that can be held before the elections.

“First. To improve the efficiency of power need the law of impeachment, temporary investigation commissions and the abolition of parliamentary immunity. Everyone should be equal before the law”, – said Fishing.

The second bloc MP called the reform of the SBU, the Prosecutor General and other law enforcement agencies.

“Total corruption and bribes pumping out of business kill the desire of any investor to work in Ukraine. Before the election, you can manage to adopt the law on SBU, depriving it of the right to engage in economic crimes. Task security services – countering threats to national security, counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism. Stop the milk business, and to persecute political opponents of the regime. People see everything,” said the leader of a sectarian Association.

The third unit of Fishing called the package of bills to reform the financial sector and support the development of small and medium-sized businesses.

“It is essential to accelerate economic growth. And for this we need to create conditions,” – said the MP.

The inter-factional Union “Independence and development”, which included people’s deputies from BPP, the “people’s front”, Radical party, the “Opposition bloc” and the “will of the People”, was registered in the Verkhovna Rada in April 2019.