Three songs Ariana Grande has topped the Billboard chart

Сразу три песни Арианы Гранде возглавили чарт Billboard

Famous American singer Ariana Grande for the last few years achieves great success in show business. This time three of her successful compositions located at the top of the prestigious Billboard.

From now on she is part of the history of the Billboard Hot 100 from Billboard, after all three of her singles – 7 Rings, Break Up With Your Girlfriend I’m Bored and Thank U, Next took the first three steps.

On that occasion, the star even posted a message in his Instagram where he thanked an unknown person, or maybe all the fans for their support and faith in her: “I laughed when I saw this because I thought that it was photoshop. Thank you with all my heart. For many reasons. For the first time since The Beatles (and the first time for a solo artist?). It’s crazy. I thought it was a joke when I saw this. I love you. Let it always be your will. Thank you for everything. I can’t believe this is reality. Thanks for the story with the girl today. And that made me feel loved. While crying”.

Confirmed the words of the star of this success could only be achieved by the British rock group The Beatles, who in 1964 established a similar record. The group then took the first three places in the ranking of the tracks Can not Buy Me Love, Twist and Shout and Do You Want to Know a Secret.

If you want to check whether three singles Ariana Grande deserved to be first in the Billboard Hot 100, we offer you to listen for yourself.

Ariana Grande – 7 Rings: watch videos online

Ariana Grande – Break Up With Your Girlfriend I’m Bored: watch videos online

Ariana Grande – Thank U, Next: watch videos online

Who is Ariana Grande?
Famous American singer and actress. Repeatedly hit the Billboard charts and produced the powerful hits that have collected millions of listens and views. In 2017, at her concert in Manchester (UK) there was a terrorist attack, killing dozens of victims. It badly affected her work and personal life. In 2018, the popular magazine Billboard has called Ariana Grande “Woman of the year 2018”.