Three Ukrainians died under the wheels of a BMW in Poland

Трое украинцев погибли под колесами БМВ в Польше

Three Ukrainian citizens died today in Poland as a result of a collision of a BMW car. It is reported it is known WP&347;ci.

The accident occurred in South-West Poland, in Lower Silesia, near the village of Breznik.

According to preliminary data on the way, walked five people. BMW car at full speed crashed into pedestrians. As a result of collision died on the spot 18-year-old girl and two young men, 24 and 25, all three citizens of Ukraine.

Polish law enforcement officers particularly the clarification of the circumstances did not bother. From the start guilty made pedestrians – they say, were “on the wrong side of the road”, but still had on his clothes retroreflective elements. Two surviving pedestrians, according to the Polish police, were all in “a drunken state”.

But the driver of the BMW, according to the police, was sober as a whistle and in General in no way to blame. In General, any no consequence to anything – and all so clear.