Through the head of the OP Andrey Ermak hit the President, media

Через главу ОП Андрея Ермака бьют по Президенту, - СМИ

Scandal videos brother and current head of the Office of the President Denis Ermak reached the level where law enforcement must seriously be included in the case and to interview all defendants.

This opinion was expressed by the head of the party “servant of the people” Alexander Kornienko in an interview to “RBC-Ukraine”.

“No-no, and let the security forces are investigating who is to blame in this situation – to let, put, if you have something. The position of the faction and of the party coincides with it. Andrey Ermak once again convincingly confirmed that he is related to voiced on the tapes was not”, – said the politician.

According to Kornienko, everything that affects the public opinion around this story, will affect the fraction.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that in this scandal the attention of the gullible someone is always intentionally distracts from the important details of the case.

First of all, the public is convinced that the recording time does not matter, thus neutralizing the question: why this alleged resonant video never surfaced before?

But the answer is obvious: in October last year and at the beginning of this recording lay dormant, biding their time, because Andrey Ermak was then adviser to the President and had a different area of influence. The decision of personnel questions to do he could not, after all, on Bank (and not only) solved a completely different person – at the time head of the Office of the President Andriy Bogdan.

According to informed sources, between Ermak-senior and Bogdan relationship was such that the latter would refrain from expanding the influence of his counterpart.

As to the Denis Ermak, and during the recordings, and now he had no and has no official status, but continues to engage in social projects.

Moreover, no discussion recorded on video, not over the actual appointment (on the records discuss nominations for future leaders “Energoatom”, the “Derzeitiger”. International Exhibition Center, etc.).

So these supposedly “corrupt” schemes have not worked and then didn’t go.

However, and do want to get gosdolzhnosti for the money, apparently, made inquiries about the participants of this Scam. Now POPs up a lot of information about the person involved, which carried out the video. It appeared to be a Dmitry Shtanko – man, which has already criminal proceedings. It is alleged that he cooperated with law enforcement authorities and was used as a provocateur for bribes, as stated in the journalistic investigation published on “Страна.UA”.

For an experienced speculator and it is not yet established patrons Denis Ermak became a real discovery: under the guise of his name was “Spud” unsuspecting citizens.

In General, fraud is often represented by powerful people or bragging about connections in the government. Recent high-profile case – the arrest by security forces men, who introduced himself as a representative of the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine. For $200 thousand he offered to “solve the issue” with the appointment of the State Agency of forest resources.

It is now becoming clear that the scandal video is well-planned, targeted attack, which is now corrected skillfully and deliberately inflated in the media. But the goal in this case can have disastrous consequences for Ukraine.

In 2019 in the country in the second round of the presidential elections with an indicator of 73,22% of the vote defeated Vladimir Zelensky. His political force “servant of the people” in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada also won with a stunning result, receiving 254 seats in Parliament and for the first time in the history of Ukraine forming monopolist. Further, a new government was formed.

In such circumstances, many previously influential people left behind political and economic processes in Ukraine.

In February of this year, Zelensky strengthened his team by firing from the post of head of the office of the President Andrei Bogdan. He was replaced by more reliable to the head of the state Andrey Ermak.

The latter immediately engaged in active work, and began negotiations on the Donbass, is actively engaged in the exchange of prisoners, have built relationships with the mayor of Kiev (Bogdan with Vitali Klitschko was a conflict).

This increase could not please opponents, that is why emerged the October video. The attack clearly aimed not only at weakening the team at the Bank, but at the split of the parliamentary monopolista.

In fact, the current attack on Yermak is an attempt to knock out SEE the team cementing a link that allows you to establish a normal operation of the entire system.

In this example the time of appearance of the records. They “surfaced” on the eve of the vote on the bill and nationalized failed banks (the so-called “andikalovsky the law,” which prohibits the return of nationalized Bank to the former owners). The scandal has significantly complicated the decision on the vote in first reading, making the strife faction.

Now in Ukraine and abroad are too many persons interested in a weak President, unproductive team, in the absence of long-term development strategy of our state. In addition, the circle of ill-wishers, the authorities have already filled up by those “servants” who did not justify trust, is not proved on posts and are now trying petty intrigues and large scandals stained the reputation of his former colleagues.