Throwing food, cosmetics and toys: Pro iPhone 11 funny adverted

Бросали еду, косметику и игрушки: iPhone 11 Pro забавно прорекламировали

During the official presentation of the company drew attention to the strength of the new line of iPhone 11. Therefore, in the new ad for the smartphone company is also focused on strength.

What is? In the video we see a brand new iPhone 11 Pro, which was placed in a wind tunnel and he poured a lot of “dangerous things”. They are children’s toys, and cosmetics, and other things from handbags, food and even wedding cake.

What picked up these things that a smartphone could meet in real life, for example, during the games with the kids or hitting a woman’s handbag. All of these test phone successfully withstand.

What else have iPhone 11 Pro? In design, it differs little from its predecessor – it’s the same pesky unibrow. However, the manufacturer has added a third main camera, and the emerald color of the case.

The resolution of each of the modules is 12 MP. The main and wide-angle same as iPhone 11. And the third additional module with 12 MP provides twice the zoom.

Is the iPhone Pro 11: video

The novelty has received a new chip – A13: 6-core processor with a clock frequency of 2.66 GHz was significantly faster than its predecessor. According to the manufacturer is the most powerful processor on the market.

As for the price, the cost of iPhone 11 Pro is one thousand dollars (25 000 UAH). And the older version of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is estimated at $ 1,100 (27 500 USD).

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