Thrown into a pit and burned: Lviv brutally took the life of two teenagers

Бросили в яму и подожгли: на Львовщине жестоко лишили жизни двух подростков

In the Lviv region killed a couple of teenagers who were forced to sell drugs.

15-year-old girl and her 17-year-old boy disappeared in mid-March, leaving a few notes and a few days later they were found dead.

Yuri and Nastya met more than three years. However the parents just welcomed one?? friendship. After all, the guy did not depart from the girl, even during a serious illness.

The guy was with her all the time. Constantly. Even if during the treatment of cancer. Did not leave her friends all the time. He also supported her when she was in the process of rehabilitation during chemotherapy, – said Nastya’s mother.

March 15 teenagers went out on his usual walk and disappeared. The children sought not only in his native Zolochiv, but in all the surrounding villages.

It turns out that the kids left a note which complained that they were in danger.

– If they are not going to be up to 19 hours, in the first Memorandum stated that they have been marinated, and the other stated that if they do not find until 7 am the next day, then to find them by coordinates, – said the mother.

The terrible news came in 2 weeks. In one of the villages, just in the forest found the grave. She dug up the body of Nastya and Yury.

It is already known that the grave for the children killers prepared in advance. First, in the deep woods brought the murder weapon, and then lured a guy here with a girl. Attackers with bats beat the children to death and their bodies dumped in a pit, poured gasoline and set on fire.

Murderers caught before found the bodies of teenagers are the two local drug dealers. And also very young – 18 and 19 years old.

– It was established that they committed the murder. They clearly showed where they buried the bodies of children. They seized as drugs and gun crime – said the Deputy head of police of the Lviv oblast Taras Sabanic.