TIBCO said that Bold “made to kneel and forced to repay” despite the paid bills

Цыбко заявил, что Смелу "поставили на колени и заставили отдавать долги", несмотря на оплаченные платежки

Removed from office by the mayor are Brave Cherkasy region Alexey TIBCO commented on the scandal with the lack of heating. The opinion he expressed on the political talk show “Epicenter of Ukrainian politics” on TV channel NEWSONE.

“The President said… that will break the seal. But the seals were gone, the pipes stood visible gaps. Came the company cut the pieces of pipe, welded it could only be done by a specialized company,” he said.

According to TIBCO, the townspeople paid, they had bills, budget organizations were acts of work performed, which confirm payment, but the city “put on their knees and say – sign the debt and pay from Smila budget.” He believes that the fault for this lies with the local private company and “Naftogaz” who “prey on people”, and the whole situation was a “political intrigue”.

In November, the former Minister of housing Oleksiy Kucherenko, commenting on the situation in Smila, also claimed that the seal was not there.