“Tied to the neck of the stone and…”: the participants of the ATO severely dealt with eurobachelor

«Привязали к шее камень и...»: участники АТО жестоко расправились с евробляхером

Criminals took a fancy to his car

The crime occurred back in the fall of 2018.

Two members of ATO on the outskirts of Nikolaev stopped a BMW with foreign registration numbers. 34-year-old driver had just purchased the vehicle in Berdyansk and was returning home in Khmelnytskyi oblast.

The attackers said that they, allegedly, have to Zhitomir and driver EuroBLECH agreed to drive them.

As reported in Prosecutor’s office of Zhytomyr region, during one of the stops of the passengers suggested to the driver coffee, in advance to adding psychotropic substances. A man from drink not refuse, drank and after some time fell asleep.

The attackers should do it. They tied the driver and took the car to the outskirts of the city Korostyshiv Zhytomyr oblast, strapped to the man’s neck a stone and threw it into the pond.

Now members of the ATO suspected of murder and possession of a car, waiting for the court. It is noted that the attackers already had earlier problems with the law.

The suspect faces life in prison.

As previously reported, the ATO brutally murdered his common-law wife in the forest at Lutsk. About this Facebook said the psychologist, head of the Center for assistance to soldiers Elena Zvereva.

“He was repeatedly treated in a psychiatric hospital, is a 2nd group disabled, committed a murder. Called the first sister cities, Paul Kowalski and Sasha Shermatovich with me went to Swarovski forestry. Unfortunately, the woman to rescue it was too late – stabbed in the throat no chance left,” wrote Zverev.

The woman collecting mushrooms in the woods started to laugh and morally humiliate the husband, who was in the area of military conflict. The psychologist thinks that the woman their behavior has provoked her husband to murder.

“In the Ukrainian tradition camporota woman is certainly not good, but what can you do here and he want this if the wife all sorts of nonsense, like “fuck you” or “go away, I’ll find 100 of these” and everything would be fine, if one is patient… And is quite different reaction of the warrior, whose strength of spirit and zest for action just boils over the edge. So stupid he causes the explosion of the volcano of adrenaline, testosterone and other chemicals, the whole body screams in alarm and requires a response to protect, so if you are so stupid that they don’t keep the language, then learn to run fast!” – wrote in the social network psychologist.

«Привязали к шее камень и...»: участники АТО жестоко расправились с евробляхером

«Привязали к шее камень и...»: участники АТО жестоко расправились с евробляхером