TikTok has invested in the monetization of $ 9 million: details

TikTok вложил в монетизацию 9 миллионов долларов: подробности

Advertising is an important component of each social network. Every year companies invest in monetization and benefit from this millions. They gradually develop and increase your income several times. Take, for example, a popular app for short video TikTok.

The app is stepping up its advertising strategy, paying more attention to monetization. However, the company still generates a smaller portion of its income from purchases in the application and this number has reached $ 9 million in may. That’s 500% more than last year, compared to $ 1.5 million. USA spent in may 2018, and 22% compared to $ 7.4 million. USA in April. About CI Tech came out in the report from Sensor Tower.

Maybe TikTok not paying attention to their strategy in-app purchase. At the moment, the app is focused on stimulating growth. The placement of some of their best features behind pay screen can potentially limit the acceptance and involvement of users – the more that TikTok is looking for growth in emerging markets.

Sensor Tower also noted that the number of installations TikTok continues to grow. In India, for example, this app has overtaken Facebook as the most downloaded social networking application in the first quarter of the year, and now it attracts more advertisers. Recommendations for Tik Tok very quickly pay for themselves.

No costs indicates how little TikTok focused on virtual goods. Instead of offering your video effects or filters to buy, TikTok coins are used to purchase gifts that you can send live streamers to show support.

To date, TikTok was set to 1.2 billion units, compared with billion at the end of last year. However, this figure does not correspond to the numbers of active users. On this front TikTok said that last summer she had 500 million monthly assets, and since then publicly shares the updated number. According to new reports, current expenses currently amount to 97.4 million dollars and it is expected that this month the app will cross the milestone of $ 100 million.