Tim cook sued for defrauding investors

На Тима Кука подали в суд за обман инвесторов

Apple is constantly suing. But if some do it solely for the purpose of money, because winning the case is usually entitled to compensation for the injured party, others sincerely believe that the other way to return to your favorite company on the right path they have. Unfortunately, to distinguish hunter easy money from the real fighters for justice is sometimes extremely difficult. Moreover, if the court be served on the company, and representatives of its leadership.

This week the district court of Northern California has registered a lawsuit to Tim cook and Luca Maestri to recognize them guilty of withholding vital data about the shopping activities of the Apple to prevent the fall in the value of shares of the company. According to the plaintiff, the CEO and COO of Apple intentionally harboring data on the sales of iPhone because you know that statement of fact, the falling demand will reduce the value of the shares of the company.

How Apple lied to us

But the problem is not only in this, says the plaintiff. Tim cook has ignored many of the questions analysts on a conference concerning results of the company in the Chinese market, which is for her a key. The CEO noted that the company is doing well, despite the approaching holiday season, which traditionally is characterized by a decline in sales.

Another claim described in the claim, is that Apple very easily “slipped” from the scandal with the deliberate decrease in performance with a worn-out iPhone batteries. Despite the fact that, Apple agreed to replace defective components at a significant discount, the company chose not to elaborate on that here. And would, I am sure the plaintiff. After all, if users want to continue using the old iPhone instead of having to buy a new model, it says clearly in favor of Apple.

Infinitely concealment of facts and the substitution of concepts, which involved cook and Maestri, leads to an incorrect assessment of Apple, says the plaintiff. In the end, all secrets will be revealed, and then the stock companies are experiencing more serious decline than that which occurred at the beginning of the year. In this case, the shareholders will lose a fair portion of their investment, just because the management company did not disclose the truth.