Time named the 100 most influential people in the world: who appeared in the prestigious ranking

Time назвал 100 самых влиятельных людей мира: кто оказался в престижном рейтинге

Every year, the prestigious Time magazine ranks the most influential people in the world. In 2019 in the Top 100 included famous politicians, singers, Hollywood actors and cultural figures.

According to tradition, every year the experts of the Time magazine make a list of the most influential people. Rating for the first time appeared in 1999 and attracted the attention of the world. Since then, every year the most successful politicians, representatives of show-business, sportsmen and scientists strive to get into the Top 100.

As in previous years, the rating has five categories: “Leaders”, “Icons”, “the Pioneers,” “Artists” and “Titans”. In each of them you can see radically different shapes.

The category of “Leaders” headed by the speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi. In addition to her in the rating included the head of the White house Donald trump, the interim President of Venezuela Juan Guido, spectracolor USA Robert Muller, founder ByteDance Zhang min and others.

The most influential an Icon recognized an American singer-songwriter Taylor swift. The top ten also hit the former first lady of United States Michelle Obama, actor and producer spike Lee, the artist David Hockney and singer Lady Gaga.

In the category “Pioneers” noted actress Sandra Oh and India Moore, an American gamer, Richard Blevins, tennis player, Naomi Osaka, a writer Marlon James and others.

The most influential “Artists” 2019 steel Dwayne Johnson, Maharshal Ali, Khalid, Emilia Clarke, brie Larson, Grande, Rami Malek, Regina king, Claire white Keller and others.

Among hundreds of applicants in the last nomination the Titans ranked player Mohamed Salah, basketball player LeBron James, the founder of Facebook, mark Zuckerberg, football player Alex Morgan, the TV presenter Gayle king.

The full list of Top 100 most influential people in the world can be found on the official website of Time magazine.