Timoshenko, Avakov and others who visited Kolomoisky after the return

Тимошенко, Аваков и другие: кого посетил Коломойский после возвращения

The oligarch Igor Kolomoisky began to attend the meeting with the deputies.

Earlier, we wrote about the reasons for the return to Ukraine, Igor Kolomoisky, who in the last two years living abroad. According to him, he came to our country for family reasons, and with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky their relationship oligarch denies. However, he said that is not going to meet anyone of the deputies.

However, journalists of the program “Schemes” noticed that already some time after returning to the country Igor Kolomoisky met with MPs from the party “Renaissance” Vitaly Homutynnik, Andrew SHIPKA, Eugene Gallerly and also a business partner of oligarch Gennadiy Bogolyubov, businessman Paul Fuchs and co-owner of the “Studio Quarter 95” Timur Indicem.

In addition, members of the media noticed the car of Igor Kolomoisky near the cottage town “Silver Bay”, where Yulia Tymoshenko. After a probable visit of the oligarch leader of the “Fatherland” stated that he supports the initiative of Vladimir Zelensky (dissolution of Parliament). Are these two events we can only guess. While Julia herself did not give a specific answer journalists to the question of whether it was visited by Kolomoisky.

Further possible visits oligarch only lasted. Journalists noticed all the same his car near the Ministry of internal Affairs. Data Kolomoisky’s visit was confirmed. The Ministry told the media that he actually met with the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. That is just about the reasons for the meeting are silent.

In the end, after Kolomoisky that he is no one’s going to see from the authorities, his car was seen several times not far from where Julia lives, and there are facts that can prove the other visits of the oligarch. What this really means – we can only speculate.

Тимошенко, Аваков и другие: кого посетил Коломойский после возвращения

Тимошенко, Аваков и другие: кого посетил Коломойский после возвращения