Tina and Dan Balan commented on your novel

Ukrainian singer Tina Karol and Moldavian artist Dan Balan together commented on what stage of relationship they are in.

In the program “social life” Ekaterina Osadchaya asked Tina and Dana, they are at the stage of courtship or have they already started the novel. Is Karol a Flirty smiled, and Moldovan singer said: “the novel of course! The novel, written by the hand of genius”.

The stars also talked about how the idea came sensually to sing the duet song “Home” with one MIC at a music ceremony M1 Music Awards. Such performance is even more stirred the imagination of the fans, who suspected Carole and Balan in a romantic relationship, as the scene of their lips were a millimeter from each other. The idea was Tina.

“She called me at three in the morning, I slept. Said: “I Have this idea – what if we use one microphone for two?” and I said, “Tina, you sleep, in the morning we’ll talk.” Wake up, and I have visualization!” – said Dan.

What is known about the Duo Carole and Balan?

For the first time the song “Home,” Tina Karol and Dan Balan presented on “dancing with the stars 2019”. Then the singers showed at least romantic room than on M1 Music Awards. This is the first duet song of Tina and Dana, who immediately caused a lively discussion in the network because fans speculated on the likely feelings between the artists. During “the Voice” Dan Balan flirted with Tina Karol and live giving her flowers and songs were dedicated. After the show the man frankly stated that his colleague is the best that has been vocal on the project.

However, Tina does not stop to convince the public that now her heart took only one man – her 11-year-old son Benjamin. “Today I met the person with whom you can feel carefree. Maybe not looking for,” she said.