Tina Karol commented on the rumors about the affair with Dan Balan

Тина Кароль прокомментировала слухи о романе с Даном Баланом

Ukrainian singer Tina Karol after joint performances with Dan Balan on the project “dancing with the stars” provoked a lot of rumors about their affair. In a new interview with the famous blonde commented on his personal life and denied the information about relations with the Moldovan singer.

Tina Karol in an interview with “the Facts” stated that she still loves her husband Eugene Ogira, who died in 2013. According to the singer, her heart is occupied by son Benjamin.

Today I met the person with whom you can feel carefree. Maybe not looking. In my life there is only my son and music. At this point,
said Tina.

Carol says, on the subject of marriage no illusions and does not seek it. And the question about the relationship between a star and Dan Balan replies, “I don’t know”.

“Song “Home”, which we have done, has been specially created for “Dancing with the stars” – Dan in the image of count Dracula and I was the white angel. And yet, it is unclear healed Dracula or delayed the angel in the mortal world? So let’s see,” the artist explains.

Celebrity notes that the scene was real, the embarrassment, playfulness and intrigue. “But how can you play? If it were not the truth, all would have felt false”, says Tina.

Besides, Carol told me that her only friend is the only son. It also doesn’t like to reveal personal secrets, especially women, to other people.

“Don’t feel the need to burden someone with his secrets, especially women. Not everyone is ready to rejoice over another person. For me, there is a formula of friendship. My only friend is the son. I’m not bored and sad one. I love the silence, the isolation. Free time use in order to concentrate, to gather… to educate ourselves. And not to listen to the next story for a glass of wine,” said the singer.

What is known about the Duo of Tina Karol and Dan Balan?

A few days before the 10th edition of the show “dancing with the stars 2019”, the organizers announced that the invited guest will be Dan Balan. The famous Moldovan singer presented the first joint project of the song Tina Karol “Home.” The authors show have announced that the artists will perform not only track, but will dance the Viennese waltz. However, Tina and Dan rather romantic setting on a movable platform.

During the performance, Tina and Dan were very tender to each other and look each other in the eye than to the camera. Therefore, the network immediately suggested that between the singers erupted again a special affinity.

Previously, celebrities were the judges of the “voice of the country-9”. In this show Dan Balan paid special attention to Tina Karol, gave flowers and sang her songs. After completion of the project, the artist was frankly told that the best that was in the “Voice” is a pop diva Tina. Therefore, the network suggested that Dan fell in love with and duet song – another sign of attention.

The performance of Tina Karol and Dan Balan: watch the video