Tina Kuniaki graced the cover of the Italian glossy: first photo

Model Tina Kunaki, who is the wife of the French Lothario Vincent Cassel, does not stop working. During a pandemic in the fashion industry, she’s released several projects, in particular the cover of the Italian glossy.

According to the publication, the inflammatory model was photographed for Italian Elle magazine. For the cover of the stylists picked up the trend star Stanny suit and a white shirt. The photo shows how the model genuinely laughing, what was perceived as the encouragement of Italians during a pandemic.

In addition, Tina Kuniaki, showed the backstage of the photo shoot. The footage she appeared before fans in a brown trench coat. The new issue of Italian Elle will go on sale in early April 2020.

As you know, Italy became the second country in the world in the number of people infected with coronavirus and mortality from disease. The first step is China, where the virus occurs. In Italy of pneumonia caused by COVID-19 that killed 2,978 people. Only for one day from the coronavirus died there 475 people, which is the highest figure since the beginning of the epidemic in the country. In General, the number of patients with coronavirus in the country has exceeded 28 thousand people.

Now quarantine measures strengthened in Italy. There closed all the pubs, businesses and shops. Are only grocery stores and pharmacies.