Tina passionately lying on the warm sand

Тина Кароль страстно разлеглась на теплом песочке

Famous Ukrainian singer Tina Karol, which is attributed to a whirlwind romance with the Moldavian artist Dan Balan, loves bright photo shoot, the results of which are often published on its fan page “tinakaroll_fan”. So recently this Instagram account has posted a bright picture, which Tina sealed at a younger age where she’s resting on the beach and even decided to do it without underwear. Here’s sex.

This became known thanks to a new publication of a fan page of Tina Karol “tinakaroll_fan” in the network Instagram.

Fans did not have to sign the publication, and only put a blue smiley face in the shape of a heart. Just a few hours new post has collected fifteen hundred likes and dozens of enthusiastic comments: “cinnamon Bun”; “Beauty”; “this is Aphrodite appeared from the foam of the sea”; “Oh, a little sex in the tape… ow.”

Тина Кароль страстно разлеглась на теплом песочке