Tina realized his childhood dream: spectacular video

Тина Кароль воплотила свою детскую мечту: эффектные видео

Popular singer Tina Karol decided to realize his childhood dream: star visited Niagara falls and went there on a tourist boat.

Related videos Tina Karol showed in the Instagram-Stories. Subsequently, a video circulated on the fan page of singer, which actively engaged its loyal fans.

The footage shows how Tina Karol, not hiding his delight, went on a tour with his creative team. Star travelers gave raincoat, which did not protect them from excessive humidity, so the singer appeared in front of fans with wet hair.

“It was my childhood dream. This part of the Niagara falls in America, and we are now in Canada, across the river… there are so many people, all dressed funny (in red raincoats, – LifeStyle 24). Usually, I am not a blogger, but this should still be seen,” admitted Tina.

Star tried to commit every minute of your trip so all the fans could feel like they themselves have been to Niagara falls. After the extreme journey, the artist continued her visit to Canada.