Tinder introduces a new option of video calls

Tinder вводит новую опцию видеозвонков

In mobile Dating app Tinder came video chat, which the developers have called “tete-a-tete”.

This option does not require the exchange of phone numbers between the interlocutors and embedded in the test format in 13 countries, including USA, Australia, Brazil and France. Not all Tinder users in these countries will have access, only a select group of individuals.

“The team hopes to see how well the function works on the technical side, for example, as it can handle the servers before implementing the function is wider,” said Bernadette Morgan, senior product Manager of trust and safety Tinder.

“Tete-a-tete” is different from other modes of video chat that both people have to agree to the video. As soon as they click on the icon in the upper right corner of the chat screen, you need to consent to a call, out of which at any time.

Before calling both people have to agree to usage rules – no nudity, references to the language of hatred, violence, and illegal activity. After that, the screen is divided into two parts, each interlocutor sees himself and other in the same size. Upon completion of the call they have to answer a few questions and also have the opportunity to report violations by another.

Tinder is one of the largest applications to date, the principle of which consists in matching pairs based on their preferences: age, gender and common interests. The users preferences by scrolling through the profile and if they match, the pair can exchange messages.