“Tinkoff Bank” has introduced its voice assistant with a complicated character

«Тинькофф банк» представил своего голосового помощника с непростым характером

Assistant Oleg can manage the banking operations and is able to hold a conversation.

“Tinkoff Bank” has launched the world’s first voice assistant in Finance and lifestyle services. The program will gradually appear in mobile applications of the Bank: first Oleg will get iOS users. Next week the assistant will be available on Android.

Oleg, you can instruct the Bank transfers to the accounts of “Tinkoff” and the savings Bank, card management and sending mail. The assistant can clarify questions relating to the financial sector: the transaction fees, limits, cashback and learn about the loyalty programs.

In addition, Oleg can hold a conversation on different topics, will help you to book restaurant reservations, buy movie ticket or record of the user on a haircut.

The program starts after the words “Hello, Oleg” or “listen, Oleg” or application, clicking on the microphone icon.

A distinctive feature of the assistant is its complicated nature. Users it may seem too Intrusive or even violent.

“Oleg is a man from 25 to 40 years. He is polite, does not like familiarity, and, if necessary, can be persistent. He is not alien to the sense of humor, and he does not learn the user’s life, while he will not ask,” – said in a statement on the Bank’s website.

Assistant Oleg teach. Thanks to user ratings it is going to change in one direction or another. Also, the ability to adapt style of communication to the client. So what tone will ask the user, such phrases and will receive in return.

Oleg says the voice of movie actor and dubbing Nikita prozorovskiy. For scoring assistant, he recorded about 30 hours of different replicas.

When creating assistant “Tinkoff” used its own voice recognition technology, on which the company works in 2016. Now she can accurately understand 95% of spoken words.