Tiny Smart dragged on the rope three huge pickup truck (VIDEO)

Крошечный Smart утащил на тросе три огромных пикапа (ВИДЕО)

Electric compact car Smart harnessed to a bunch of Jeep Gladiator, Chevrolet Silverado and Ford F-250. He moved it from the place without apparent difficulty and did it on the first try.

First Smart were lifting large pickups one at a time. And pickup trucks of Ford and Chevrolet body styles were still cargo.

Powerplant of the Smart EV develops 130 Nm of torque. Bloggers from The Fast Lane Truck, who organized the experiment, did some revision, so the return has increased to 156 Nm.

The easiest of the trucks weighs 2141 pounds. A total Smart pulled around 7-7,5 tons.