Tired: at the Zaporozhye resort, the couple got into a water trap

Изнемогли: на запорожском курорте супруги попали в водяную ловушку

The incident occurred yesterday, July 19, in the village of Primorskiy Posad Azov district. Reports a press about it-service gschs in Zaporozhye region.

As it turned out, the visitors got into trouble in the district base of rest “Eldorado”. Thus, the 46-year-old woman with his 49-year-old husband sailed 300 meters from the shore. Subsequently, the campers were exhausted and began to sink. Fortunately, the rescue in time arrived at the scene and took a rest on shore. Saved the inhabitants of Irpin from medical care refused.

The Zaporozhye rescuers once again appeal to citizens to please be careful and follow the rules of safe behaviour on water objects.