Tkachenko promises to avoid layoffs Roitburd of Odessa art Museum

Ткаченко обещает не допустить увольнения Ройтбурда из Одесского художественного музея

“For many deputies of the Odessa regional Council Roitburd “alien and politically and intellectually”.

Former General Director of “1+1 media” Alexander Tkachenko, candidate of which a fraction of the “Servant of the people” supported the position of the Minister of culture, commented on the attempts to dismiss Alexander Roitburd as Director of the Odessa art Museum.

“This story some unnatural hatred of deputies of the local Council to Alexander for three years. First Odessa representatives refused to sign an agreement with him, although he won the competition. Then clung to the fact that the repair of the Museum he did “not according to the established by law procedure” and fired. And after the court decision, which restored him at work, went to the court of appeal. Also tried to create illegal on surveillance and censorship of cultural objects – the so-called Supervisory Board,” wrote Tkachenko on Facebook.

“I think your powers of the Odessa regional MPs send no where to go. So much effort to fight with the artist, at a time when the city crumbling houses, and the latest chaotic development destroys the last corners of the very – classic Odessa – pearl of the sea. And it is people like these, and add sparkle to this gem” – he added

According to Tkachenko, for many deputies of the Odessa regional Council Roitburd “alien and politically and intellectually”.

“It is difficult for them to understand free men. The fact that the concept of “art” and “freedom” – are inseparable. Will protect this relationship and Alexander Roitburd. In mid-may, the Committee sent an appeal to the oor, which reminded them of the law “About local government”, “On culture” and “On museums and Museum business”. In particular, what regional councils do not provide such authority. As of today, the answer is we never received, so had already prepared a letter of appeal to the state administration. Try using them to break the silence oor,” – said Tkachenko.

The Odessa regional state administration did not terminate the contract with the artist and he continued to perform his duties of Director.