To 10: in Ukraine will start global warming

До +10: в Украине начнется глобальное потепление

According to forecasters, the weather in Ukraine on 30 January promises to be a very warm – Morozov today should not wait

Light precipitation possible in all regions of the country. Only in the West the company the rain will be snow, other areas are light rain.

The highest temperature on January 30 weather forecasters promise in the South – where the air warms up to +10 heat. The heat will be on-site and other areas day?? to + 2-4 degrees.

In connection with the thaw, the weather in Ukraine on 30 January can be dangerous for drivers and pedestrians – the meteorologist notes that during the day 30 January in most parts of the territory of Ukraine fog, visibility 200-500 m (I the level of danger, yellow).

Warming and precipitation is also responsible for a significant snow avalanche danger (level 3) in the mountains of Lviv and Transcarpathian regions. In the mountainous areas of the Transcarpathian region there is a threat of landslides of snow on the road.

Wind on 30 January will have a South-East direction, speed 5-10 m / s.

Further detailed information about what will be the weather in Ukraine on 30 January:

In the Western regions today is expected to rain with sleet. The air temperature at night -3 to 5 day?? +2 – 4 heat.

In the Carpathians January 30 rain and sleet. -3-5 night + 2-4 in the afternoon.

Weather in Ukraine on January 30

On the North of Ukraine today, weather forecasters predict rain. The night temperature -1 + 1, day + 2-4 heat.

Night frosts are delayed 30 January at the East of the country. In the region of night -3-5, the day??2-4 heat. During the day, insignificant precipitation is possible in the form of rain.

Warm and humid will be this Wednesday at the center, where the night temperature will be + 1-3 heat, day + 3-5 above zero. Is expected to rain.

+ 3-5 night, 8-10 in the afternoon – this will be weather on January 30 in Ukraine.

On the territory of the Crimean Peninsula today is also rainy. + 2-5 night, 8-10 a day.

Weather in Kiev on 30 January will be warm and with little rain. A night in the capital -1 + 1, day +??2-4 heat.

Despite the fact that tomorrow in the capital will be quite warm, up to record levels this temperature is still far. According to the Central geophysical Observatory of Ukraine, the coldest this day was in Kiev in 1941 – 25, and the warmest in 1983 – +7.1.

In the folk calendar today – Anton and Antonina. Daylight increased, the spring was already not far off what January 30, the people was very glad.

It was the custom at Anton and Antonina drive home from evil spirits. For this it was necessary from the intersection to walk to his house backwards, and then erase your tracks with a stick and cover it with snow. If a person managed to do it, then no evil has not been scary for her.

30 Jan watched natural phenomena, because there was February, so the weather could be unpredictable.

Folk omens on 30 January:

  • If January 30 is warm, then the next day will be strong frosts.
  • Thaw Anton – spring will come early.
  • Snow 30 January – warming can be expected.

До +10: в Украине начнется глобальное потепление

До +10: в Украине начнется глобальное потепление