To ban smartphones in the classroom is pointless – expert

On the eve of the Ukrainian Parliament registered a bill to ban phone usage during lessons. This proposal caused a lot of discussion about the advisability of this step.

Why such a ban is a populist step, said the expert of the analytical center “Ukrainian Institute for the future” Nikolay Skiba, writes, “Word and Deed”.

According to experts, the ban of gadgets is a hasty step. It is also important to take into account the age of the student.

Such prohibitions are based on certain attitudes, in particular parents who are worried that children spend a lot of time with gadgets, although parents themselves often use them in order to, for example, to divert the child’s attention,
– said Nikolai Skiba.

The expert said that it would be more efficient to draw the gadgets in the learning process.

You can examine the soil to determine the content of pesticides in vegetables and fruits and more. For example, using Botanical application, you can obtain a lot of useful information about a particular plant,
– says Nikolay Skiba.

According to him, children often just do not know all the useful functions of their smartphones. That is why teachers need to show students how to use the gadgets with the benefits for them.

How many in Ukraine of all students?All in secondary schools in Ukraine study of more than 3.8 million students.

Rostislav D.

Education in Ukraine