To be continued: has announced a new game Metro

Продолжение следует: анонсировали новую игру Metro

In February 2019, the new part of the cult shooter Metro: Exodus caused a lot of noise. In particular, critics and fans were completely satisfied with Metro: Exodus calling the game fantastic. And it looks like this prompted the authors of a shooter on a new project in the universe of Metro.

The continuation of the cult project in his Instagram said the author of the books “Metro” Russian writer Dmitry Glukhovsky.

A new game based on “Metro” will be. Working on story,
– wrote the fantastic.

Moreover, in a recent presentation to investors, the head of THQ Nordic Lars Wingfors stressed that the Ukrainian Studio has already begun work on a new part of the Metro. However, in addition to information about what the project is in development, no details on shooter no.

An official confirmation. Note, the developers of the Metro series of games is a Ukrainian Studio 4A Games – while official information on the release of the new part of the shooter has not commented on.

The release date of the game, the scandal and the reaction of the critics. Recall, February 15 the Ukrainian company 4A Games and Deep Silver, the German presented a post-apocalyptic shooter Metro: Exodus. The buzz around the highly anticipated game began a few weeks before the official release. The developers have announced that Metro: Exodus will not work on Steam, and will be temporary exclusive for the new store Epic Games Store.

The trailer for the game Metro: Exodus – watch videos

This decision caused a lot of outrage from gamers. It has even come to the point that enraged users have fallen off the ranking all of the previous parts of the “Metro” in Steam.

However, after the official release of Metro: Exodus critics have expressed my passion for the game. By the way, even Steam players have left thousands of positive reviews on the project page.

By the way, under the post Glukhovsky already a lot of comments from fans of the series. Gamers looking forward to a new part of the Metro.

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